1. Members of the Club shall familiarize themselves with the Constitution, By-Laws, and House Rules, and accord a ready and courteous acquiescence to all their provisions, and ignorance thereof shall never be admissible in excuse for any breach or neglect of the same.
  2. No member shall take from the Club any paper, periodical or property belonging to, or in possession of the Club.
  3. Any property of the Club broken or injured by a member shall be paid for by the member as soon thereafter as its value can be determined.
  4. The employees of the Club shall be under the control of the House Committee and no orders or reprimands shall be given them except by members of such committee, to whom all complaints shall be made.
  5. No profane language, or conduct unbecoming ladies or gentlemen, will be tolerated in the Club rooms.
  6. Any of the House Rules may be suspended at any time by a majority vote of the Board of Governors.
  7. Alterations of, or additions to, the House Rules may be made at any meeting by a majority vote of the Board of Governors.
  8. Private Function Policy:  The Eccentric Club is available on a rental basis to members for their private parties, receptions, business entertaining, other organizations to which they belong, subject to the following conditions and approval of the Board of Governors.  The Board of Governors believes a valuable part of club membership is the privilege of sponsoring a private function at the club.  The Board wants to emphasize that only members, not necessarily associates of members, are granted this privilege.  Any community member who is so inclined to “rent” the facility should be encouraged first to apply for membership. The Board of Governors has the right to reject a private function application sponsored by a member for the primary benefit of a non-member. 

The following policies have been adopted by the Board of Governors.

A. Members wishing to utilize the Club for private functions must make application to the club manager.   The Board of Governors will review the application for approval to ensure the following house rules are complied with and that the date of the function does not interfere with any club functions.

B. Members must be in good standing in order to sponsor a private function at the Club.  Such member must attend the function and be financially responsible for all associated expenses and sign the Club’s Private Function Agreement.

C. A rental fee schedule is established from time to time by the Board of Governors.  The fee is in discretion of the club manager and Board of Governors. The fee is commensurate with costs associated with the particular event.

D. Any special needs for additional staff, equipment, decorations, moving of Club property or other special requests not normally provided – may be provided only at the discretion and upon approval of the club manager and Board of Governors.

E. It is the policy of the Board of Governors of The Eccentric Club to require, at all times, strict and full compliance with the laws and regulations of the State of New York with the use and consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Alcoholic Beverage Control Regulations provide that all alcoholic beverages served at a private party must be provided by the Club.

F. Breakage or damage to Club property caused by a guests or caterers at a private function will be the responsibility of the host, to be billed at repair or replacement cost.

G. Any inquiries not covered by the above policies may be directed to the Club manager, who will take up the matter with the House Committee for their review.

H. A copy of the Club’s Private Function Policy will be provided to any member wishing to host a private function at the Club, and all members are deemed to agree to its terms upon scheduling an event.