the history of the club

Founded in 1882, The Eccentric Club is a strictly social, non-fraternal, non-political organization. It offers pleasant surroundings and great company! Members are sure to experience good companionship, great food and drink, and stimulating conversations.

The name “The Eccentric Club” was suggested by an early member, Asa B. Peake, who said that his idea for this name came from the book “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne.

The Club continued to grow and prosper under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Millard F. Button. With growth comes change. The Eccentric Club arrived at it’s permanent home of 109 North Main Street. A dedication ceremony took place on March 12, 1908 with over six hundred guests in attendance.

The clubs membership is and has always been the home of business professionals, banking professionals, clergy and community leaders of the area. Over the years it has welcomed and entertained prominent visitors from far and wide, including one President of the United States; a Speaker of the House of Representatives, several senators, congressmen, legislators and judges.


Some question the unusual name of the club. A number of speculations have been floated from time to time – not the least of them being the founders “borrow” the name of the well-known gentleman’s club that once flourished in London. In fact, our club is older than the former London club. It is believed that the name comes from a trip that several of the founders took to Block Island when the club was being formed. The steamboat that took them from the mainland to the island was named “S.S. Eccentric.” So here we are, over a hundred years later, looking forward to welcoming you aboard


President: Robert Gorka
Vice President: Jennifer Phillips
Treasuer; Michael Shrader
Secretary: Patricia Beck

Executive Manager

Gary Wildy


Kevin McClary
John Papa
Polly Hoye
Neil Thomas
Audrey Kline
Joe Semione
Brad Paddock
Michael Holland
Brett Preston