Club EVents

One of the many perks that come with being a member of the Eccentric Club is the endless events that we put on each year for our members. Events are a fun way to come together and socialize with other members of the club. 

We have at least two events per month for members to enjoy. Some of the events that we have are the Annual Golf Tournament and Steak Bake, Comedy night and our yearly Children’s Christmas Party. 

Some of our other highlights of the year are the Kentucky Derby Party, the New Years Day Open House, the Clam Bake and our annual Governors Gala. Our committee is always looking for fresh, new event ideas!

One of our regular club events that draws in perhaps the most dedicated following is known as the “Five O’ Clock Club.” This club-within-a-club” is often the initial contact newcomers have with us first since members are allowed to invite guests. 

The “Five O’clock Club” meets at the club bar Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s where members can wind down and enjoy a drink while engaging in great conversation. During this time you’ll also be sure to find a fun game of dice being played at the bar!


Friday April 19                         Governor’s Gala
Saturday May 4                        Kentucky Derby Party
Wednesday May 22                 Greek Dinner
Friday June 7                           Clam Bake