Membership is open to men and women. We offer various types of memberships. Our memberships are offered on an individual basis meaning, we do not offer a family membership, but members are more than welcome to always bring a guest to the club!


Please note: All new members will be charged a one-time initiation fee of $155.

Credit cards are required for quarterly dues payments

Spouses who are both members will receive a 25% discount!

Applicants for membership are required to have a sponsor. If you don’t currently have a sponsor in mind and are interested in joining, let us know! We will be happy to assist you in finding a sponsor.

Regular memberships are offered at $190.25 per quarter for individuals who live locally.
Associate memberships are offered at $99.76 per quarter for individuals who are out of the area more than four consecutive months a year.
Junior memberships are offered at $90.50 per quarter for individuals under 30 years old.
Non resident memberships are offered at $90.50 per quarter for individuals residing outside a 20-mile radius of Gloversville, NY.


If you want to be a part of a club where everyone knows your name, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Eccentric Club offers members endless networking opportunities while creating long lasting companionship with fellow members.

Our classic, historic building is the home of a basement bowling alley, and a gorgeous newly renovated bar.

One of the best advantages to becoming a member with The Eccentric Club is the availability of the club for private use. There is no other facility in the area that showcases such grace and dignity.

The Eccentric Club has been the home of several events. From weddings to anniversaries, we are able to provide a gorgeous setting for all your event needs. Not only is the building well suited for events, but the bar, kitchen and staff are here to make any event extra special!


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